Residents Medical Group | Dedicated to Uniting Medical School Graduates and Accredited Medical Residency Programs

About Residents Medical Group

Residents Medical Group partners with medical institutions in all regions of the United States in order to assist medical school graduates with preparation and/or placement into residency programs. Having established a solid reputation for providing this service, the organization has cultivated relationships with numerous prominent health care centers that maintain a focus on a wide variety of specialties. With the largest clientele base in the field and over two decades of experience in assisting in the preparation of and through their contacts securing placements for medical graduates, Residents Medical Group helps medical institutions find the ideal candidates for their residency positions. A partial list of services Residents Medical provides and prepares the student's by honing in on are: interview skills by 1 on 1 tutoring, private USMLE Steps 1-3 tutoring, networking time with program directors, teaching students proficiency in grant writing, postdoctoral research fellow positions for exposure, accent elimination for foreign graduates, ACGME core competency training and networking.

Residents Medical Group assists medical institutions by preparing new medical school graduates with a plethora of tools and guidance services necessary for a successful match in all fields and specialties of residency training. Also by providing residency programs fully qualified medical school graduates that have been thoroughly vetted to fill open residency positions. Applicants who seek to become a client of the organization are observed and evaluated by an actual Program Director or Chairman prior to qualification. In order to be selected, a candidate must display competency in all fields of ACGME in their respective medical field as well as professional efficiency and a respect for teamwork. An additional benefit to medical institutions is the organization's pool of clients, which can help to enhance the diversity of a residency training staff to complement the demographics of an institution.

Residents Medical Group aims to navigate the complexity of residency placement to effectively bring fully capable and trained students the proper guidance so they may have a successful match. Also placing students into residency program either way the whole gamut is covered whether it be guidance services or facilitating a placement. Residents Medical is the only company to focus solely on Residency placement.